NH Conservation

Client Services

Our business at NH Conservation Real Estate focuses upon properties that have conservation protections already in place or that have natural resource values that make the land important to conserve. On a daily basis, we structure real estate transactions that benefit landowners, communities and future generations. We strive to conserve lands that form the character of our region and reflect our community heritage.

Marketing & Sales

Are you contemplating the sale of your real estate that has conservation value? If your property boasts any of these characteristics - scenic views, open space, wildlife habitat, water resources, recreational value, forest or agricultural resources, proximity to other conservation land - NH Conservation Real Estate is uniquely qualified to assist you in the marketing and sale of your cherished piece of New Hampshire. We have a specific interest in helping you to achieve your goals while attempting to find the perfect fit with a buyer who shares your land ethic.

Buyer Representation

All real estate consumers, buyers as well as sellers, have the right to be professionally represented. You, our client, will receive the highest level of confidential services including general counsel in the buying process, location of suitable properties, investigation and verification of physical attributes, review of municipal regulations, valuation, negotiation, and transaction administration. We look forward to creating a professional relationship with you and helping you acquire those lands you envision in your dreams.


Real estate transactions involving conservation protections, either existing or contemplated, are often complex. NH Conservation Real Estate realizes that many such transactions will take place without our direct involvement as a broker representing either party involved. Under these circumstances, we offer our expertise on a "fee-for-service" basis to assist the positive outcome of conservation transactions throughout the state. Our clients include landowners, conservation organizations, governmental entities. real estate professionals, attorneys, foresters, natural resource consultants and other professionals who represent landowners.