NH Conservation



Conservation Organizations

 "Tom Howard has a 100% success track record with the properties we have asked him to market. Some of these properties can be quite challenging, perhaps with several restrictions, access issues, or town zoning implications. Tom researches the issues, negotiates, and works with potential buyers. Tom understands land conservation and he understands our mission and goals. His greatest strength is that he is straightforward and clear. He's honest about the value and opportunity for a property - it's just his nature. He's very good at explaining the best opportunity to sell a property. Tom is thorough and thoughtful. His conservation ethic is encoded in his DNA and, coupled with his knowledge of the real estate market, various rules and regulations, which makes him ideally suited for similarly minded clients." - Paul Doscher, VP Land Conservation (retired), Society for the Protection of NH Forests

"We [New England Forestry Foundation] asked a local attorney to advise us on real estate brokers in the Meredith NH area. Tom Howard's name was on his short list. Tom was on staff at the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, so he's attuned to forest conservation philosophies and objectives. He really put some thought into his marketing proposal. He offered suggestions and some very good advice - he really did his homework. And his thoughtfulness continued throughout the property marketing process. He asked good questions and interjected himself in the process. He helped us make good decisions. We just closed [October 2009] on that property and got very close to the dollars we were looking for - amazing in this market and on a property with restrictions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tom Howard and NH Conservation Real Estate to other conservation organizations with similar needs." - Si Balch, [former] Director of Community Forest Stewardship, New England Forestry Foundation

Municipal Entities

"Our town [Campton] was working on two different conservation projects. Tom took the time with both the town and the property owners, in effect serving as intermediary. He made the process fun as well - we really enjoyed walking the property and taking the time to process and understand not just the land but its owner as well. Tom is not a one-size-fits-all kind of guy. He tailored his work for what everyone needed, making it a learning process for all of us. Tom is professional, persistent, great to work with, and a good listener for all sides. He's willing to share his outlooks and perspectives, while working with confidentiality, to do what is best for all involved. And what a friendly and engaging guy! We'd work with him again in a heartbeat." - Jane Kellogg, Town of Campton, NH

"We [Land Conservation Task Force, Gilford] had a parcel of land we wanted the town to purchase a conservation easement on. The community, the committee and the landowners appreciated Tom's very thoughtful and unpretentious manner during this contentious issue. I would absolutely recommend Tom to any municipal conservation organization. Tom has the ability to see a situation in an unbiased manner. You'll get honest advice from him as he's focused on a direction which will have the most meaning to the project. Tom will walk the land and put in the time it takes to make a project viable. He's conscientious, pays attention to details, and very knowledgeable about writing and administering easements. He's a very genuine guy." - Sandra McGonagle, Gilford NH

Professional Associates

"When I think of Tom Howard, three values immediately spring to mind - knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced. Tom is always fair while serving the interests of his clients. He's very sensitive to confidential information. Working with Tom is enjoyable because of his appreciation of NH's natural resources. You need only walk a property with Tom to know he genuinely cares about the property." - George Lamprey, Lamprey Appraisals, Meredith NH.

"As a real estate attorney, I've worked with Tom Howard on a number of transactions. He's uniquely qualified for real estate transactions with a conservation component. He has a special understanding of the challenges of this type of land from his days as a conservation land acquisition officer for the NH Forest Society. Tom is very cooperative and responsive - very much on top of things. Conservation land is a specialty and it's Tom's specialty. A regular real estate broker isn't going to know the ins and outs, the regulations, the implications of restrictions the way Tom does. I have no problem recommending and endorsing Tom's services. As a matter of fact, I've had several clients use his services and all have been successful." - Doug Hill, Attorney, NH

"Tom's knowledge of conservation land throughout the state coupled with his experience and his dedication to his clients and finding the right outcome is why I recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling conservation land. It's always a pleasure doing business with Tom Howard and NH Conservation Real Estate." - Tom Masland, Attorney, NH

Buyers and Sellers

"I've bought and sold many properties over the years and Tom is the smartest broker I've ever dealt with. He offers sound advice for negotiating and responding to an offer, for both buy and sell deals. He's done conservation work so he knows what to expect, how to proceed, and all the various rules and procedures which might apply to a property. Tom's also a good resource for brainstorming ideas on how to best present a property. He has lots of integrity. I use him as a sounding board and never worry about him using the information improperly. His work ethic is refreshing. He's one of only a few brokers I've ever dealt with who is worth the commission - he really knows his market. In short, Tom Howard is the guy I'm going to use." - Stephen Pope, NH

"No one is disappointed when they work with Tom. Tom worked a conservation easement for me that I now think of as a bright spot in my life. The process was very slow, as it involved numerous parties, including federal agencies, town administrative personnel, attorneys, and farmers. But Tom sticks with it. He works the process and in the end, everyone is happy." - Peter deRoetth, NH and MA

"We met Tom Howard while trying to sell a large wood lot. He walks the land, and in our case that meant a 200-acre property. Only the best agents will do that. Tom really knew what he was selling. We used to be real estate agents and as a result we're pretty good judges of character. Tom is the real deal. He's very fair and honest, works very hard for you, and we liked him immensely. It was a good experience to know there are people like that in the industry. We highly recommend Tom Howard - anyone who works with him will be very satisfied." - Rita Mitchell, NH

"I've worked with Tom Howard for 10 or 20 years now. He's helped me buy and sell property in NH. I'm in Florida and it's imperative I be able to work with someone on a basis of trust. I can't emphasize enough the importance of integrity. Tom Howard is honest, conscientious, and thorough. He checks things out that others wouldn't. He's saved me couple of times from properties that would have caused huge problems for me down the road. He'd rather lose a sale than be dishonest about it. And that's why Tom Howard is the one I go to for NH real estate transactions." - Thomas Glenn Palome

"Tom Howard is the best real estate broker we have ever worked with. As we are from Philadelphia, we needed a broker who would be very discerning in what properties he wanted to show us and clearly understand what attracts us to a property. Furthermore, buying this property involved several complicated negotiations both with the buyer and with state regulations. Tom was there every second of the way doing all the leg work and attending the myriad of meetings required for us to purchase this property. Not only is Tom a highly professional person with great integrity he is incredibly skilled. His experience and knowledge of New England from a geographic, environmental and ecologic viewpoint are comprehensive. He is a man of great integrity, warmth and the greatest concern that his clients get the right property; his commission almost seems like an afterthought. It is not surprising that Tom has become a good friend, even long after our deal has closed. Thank you, Tom!" - Dave and Margie Katzka

"We're not sure that we'd even be in our home if it weren't for Tom. He's a careful listener, and took the time to understand our needs and what we were looking for. Tom's down-to-earth, easy-going personality and evident professionalism enabled him to make helpful suggestions to the sellers, which gave us an advantage over other buyers. We also appreciated working with a realtor who, like us, is environmentally inclined and active in the community. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tom to anyone looking for a home or property." - Jacquie Colburn, NH